During my teenage years, my musical preferences were already broad: I listened to a lot of rock, pop, metal and world music. My older brother played in a rock band, and that was the reason for me to start playing the guitar as well. However, when I first heard classical guitar music, I couldn’t believe my ears: it was love at first chord!

So, I consciously chose to study classical guitar. I pursued my Bachelor’s degree at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and then my Master’s degree at the Messiaen Academy (Artez) in Arnhem.

In addition to the guitar, I also play the ukulele and the pantam (a percussion instrument). Furthermore, I am the founder and conductor of a guitar orchestra called “Het HGO.” I created this guitar orchestra to provide my students with an opportunity to make music together with other guitarists.

For over 22 years now, I have been teaching with great pleasure in the region of The Hague. I have experience with students aged 5 to 65+ years in various styles, such as classical, pop, rock, and bossa nova. I offer guitar lessons at Gitaarkwartier and at the Muziekacademie in The Hague.

A guitar lesson with me means receiving professional attention for you and your instrument. I believe it’s essential for you to learn proper posture and playing techniques to enable you to play more easily and beautifully. Your preferences are a priority, so we will focus on music that you enjoy!